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Each month, the Compassion Consortium offers an essay on a topic related to our tenets. These are authored by the Compassion Consortium Spiritual Team as well as guest writers.

March 2024

The Myth of Normal
We must shatter the myth to restore our health.

by Jeffrey Spitz Cohan

Jeffry cohan spitz.jpg

February 2024

The Interfaith Vegan Coalition: Its Values, Goals, and Mission

by Lisa Levinson and Judy Carman

IVC header_edited.jpg

February 2024

The Interfaith Vegan Coalition: Its Values, Goals, and Mission

by Lisa Levinson and Judy Carman

IVC header_edited.jpg

December 2023

The Animal Interfaith Alliance – Its Mission and Five-Year Strategy 2022-2026

by Barbara Gardner


October 2023

A Short History of Animal Advocacy in the Catholic Church
by Elaine Hutchison

St. Martin de Porres.jpg

September 2023

At the Graves of Craving

by Martin Rowe

Martin's essay.jpg

August 2023

AI and  Animals

by Reverend Sarah Bowen


July 2023

Veganism, Yoga, and Me

by Victorian Moran

Victoria yoga.jpg

May 2023

Recognizing My Liberator in the Mirror

Contextualizing Animal Chaplaincy through the Lens of an Activist for Collective Liberation

by Alaina Sigler

Kat slaugherhouse sheep.png

April 2023

Who is Social Justice for? 
A Call for a De-Anthropocentric Social Justice

by Adriana DiFazio

alexander-andrews-mEdKuPYJe1I-unsplash (1)_edited.jpg

March 2023

Buddhist Narrative Re-Weavings of Animal Liberation

by Adriana DiFazio

tiger on reclining buddha.jpeg

February 2023

Newsflash! Animal Chaplaincy Has Become a
Growing Profession

by Reverend Sarah Bowen


December 2022

Loving Animals, Hating Cruelty. Meeting in the Middle?

by Victoria Moran, CHHC, RYT-200

COMPASSION CONSORTIUM Victoria Moran image_edited_edited.jpg

October 2022

A Vegan in Kenya

by Kenneth Odhiambo Ndonga, VLCE, with Cherie Hans, VLCE

(Kenneth is also enrolled in the Compassion Consortium Animal Chaplaincy Program)

This guest essay is a reprint from Victoria Moran’s Main Street Vegan Blog,

July 2022

Cod Skin Graft For My Surgical Wound?
I Chose To Say No

by Reverend William Melton

cod photo.jpg

June 2022

The Taboo Topic: Sickness and Vegans 

by Victoria Moran, CHHC, RYT-200

new photo for victorias essay.jpg

May 2022

Defining interfaith, interspiritual, and interspecies. (And why these words matter.)

by Rev. Sarah Bowen


April 2022

How belonging to a community helps us mitigate compassion fatigue

(and realize other helpful benefits)


by Rev. Sarah Bowen

Penguins FE April 2022.jpg

March 2022

The Stages of Becoming a Compassionate Vegan
by Angela Crawford, PhD, VCLE

February 2022

Are Birds Real?
by Rev. Sarah Bowen

January 2022

Animals, Believers, and Compassion
by Victoria Moran
COMPASSION CONSORTIUM Victoria Moran Image 2.jpg

November 2021

Animal Liberation, Atheism and Spirituality
by guest essayist Jon Hochschartner
COMPASSION CONSORTIUM Jon Hochschartner image 2_edited.jpg

October 2021

Is it Time for Alternative Animal Blessings?
by Rev. Sarah Bowen

September 2021

My Life as an Animal Lawyer
by Ginny Mikita

Ginny K. Mikita, Mikita Kruse Law Center and Attorneys For Animals. (Image credit: WKTV)

August 2021

Are You A Compassionate Person?
by Rev. William Melton

Rev. William and Thunder discuss compassion

July 2021

The Birth of a Go(o)d Idea
by Rev. Carol Saunders
Birth of a Go(o)d Idea.png
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