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If you:

  • Resc​ue animals from shelters and give them a loving home,

  • Stop or slow your car to avoid harming an animal trying to cross the road,

  • Dress yourself in clothing that did not cause any being to suffer,

  • Avoid any products derived from animals or that cause animals to suffer,

  • Sometimes prefer hanging out with your companion animal to socializing with human friends,

  • Cried when Old Yeller, Bambi’s mom, Mufasa, Charlotte, Sam, or Marley died,

  • Catch insects in a cup and take them outside your home,

  • Try to convince your super or landlord to replace the lethal mouse traps he or she puts out in the basement with humane traps

  • Do everything possible to avoid products and packaging that harms animals or the earth when discarded,

  • Look into the eyes of a companion animal and sense their soul,

  • Speak up when you see an animal being treated cruelly,​

  • Choose alternative entertainment options rather than zoos, circuses, rodeos or aquariums,

  • Feel sad when you see images of animals being abused or made to suffer,

  • Question how your meal got to your plate,

  • Visit ​animal sanctuaries and feel a connection,

  • Put food outside for birds and other animals when it is cold and snowy,

  • Show as much kindness, love and forgiveness for your fellow humans as for your companion animals, even when this is challenging,


If many of these resonate with you … and you hear yourself thinking, “I do that” … then you are expressing compassion in the way you live your life.


You are a Compassionist.

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