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The following persons have graciously agreed to serve as members of The Compassion Consortium Advisory Board and to provide their guidance and advise in our efforts to fulfill our mission:

  • Fred Beasley II (AKA Dr. G) is founder and chapter leader of NYC Hip Hop is Green, a movement led by a team of artists and performers that uses the power and influence of hip hop to speak to youth and spark positive changes in their lives. Hip Hop is Green is a plant-based multimedia company developed to introduce inner city youth to the benefits of living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Fred is a global youth culture architect and lifelong creative with over two decades of experience working with at-risk youth. He has traveled the world doing interactive workshops and lectures designed to empower the disenfranchised, and has been featured in the NY Times, Men's Health, CNN, Men's Fitness, and The Smithsonian museum. In addition to working with high profile clients such as Nike, NBA, Equinox, the NFL and Leverage Marketing agency, he produced the award-winning documentary Raise Up: The World is Our Gym (2016). 

  • Jeffrey Spitz Cohan is the Executive Director of Jewish Veg. Jeffrey came to Jewish Veg after successful careers in journalism and Jewish communal service. A vegetarian since 2007 and a vegan since 2010, Jeffrey has a Master's in Public Management from Carnegie Mellon University. Jewish Veg is a charitable organization whose mission is to encourage and help Jews to embrace plant-based diets as an expression of the Jewish values of compassion for animals, concern for health, and care for the environment.

  • Gwenna Hunter is the founder of the Facebook group, Vegans for Black Lives Matter and the founder of Vegans of LA, a group celebrating urban vegan pop culture. She is also the coordinator of community engagement and events for Greater Los Angeles at Vegan Outreach. She is a lifelong spiritual seeker, working to build a kinder community wherever she goes.

  • Carissa Kranz -- a vegan from birth -- is the CEO and founder of a global company, an internationally known lawyer who runs a multi-state law firm, a national television legal expert, an author, a philanthropist, a yogi and a former prima ballerina. 

Carissa has been seen her on television networks and shows like: Fox, CNN/HLN, CBS, NBC, Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew, and The Doctors.


When Carissa met Jane Velez-Mitchell, award-winning television host and vegan, she decided to focus her energy away from crime and politics and onto the Laws That Matter, a television series on Jane Unchained News Network for the Voiceless (JNN), Roku, and on the Laws That Matter YouTube channel. Carissa is also a co-host with Velez-Mitchell on New Day New Chef, now on Amazon Prime and on public television stations across the country.  

Carissa founded BeVeg International, the world's leading vegan certification firm.  BeVeg is the world's first and only accredited vegan standard by ISO 17065 and 17067. BeVeg was featured in major international media outlets like Forbes, Metropolitan Magazine, VegNews, and more. Before BeVeg, Carissa's law firm filed a legal petition for rule-making to shut down live animal markets, pro bono, during the Covid crisis, and continuously strives to give a voice to those in need. 

Carissa has authored the first vegan law book in the United States entitled Vegan Law: Know Your Rights, and the Laws That Matter, a spiritual law book that acts as a guide to teach you how to win life's trials by practicing Universal Law within the framework of legal procedure and law. Both books are set to publish in 2021. 

  • Lisa Levinson directs In Defense of Animals’ Sustainable Activism Campaign, offering emotional and spiritual resources for animal activists, and co-directs the Wild Animals Campaign, advocating for wild animals. She founded Vegan Spirituality to explore veganism as a spiritual practice and co-founded the Interfaith Vegan Coalition, which provides resources for faith-based vegan advocacy. She also co-founded Public Eye: Artists for Animals to teach compassion for animals through the arts and started the Toad Detour to help migrating toads safely cross the road in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • Robbie Lockie co-founded the online platform Plant Based News Ltd with Klaus Mitchell in 2017, to act as a global platform for change. The platform reaches over 70 million people a month. Robbie is also the host of the Plant Based News podcast. He is vegan, identifies as non-binary, and practices Buddhism. Robbie was born in Zimbabwe, Africa, where he started his career in digital design in 1999. He then came to London in 2000 to further his career in design, media, and communications. Robbie has played a role in developing digital communications for a number of ethical brands, notably managing the website infrastructure rebuild and relaunch for Veganuary. In 2016 he co-produced a short documentary, SWINE for UK Animal charity Viva. He has also been involved in a number of online campaigns, including Move Your Money, a charity helping to raise awareness about ethical banking. He is a qualified campaigner, having completed the Campaign Bootcamp year-long course.

  • Duke McLeod is a practicing Sufi Muslim and emerging Islamic scholar. Duke is a PhD researcher in Social Anthropology at the University of Otago in Aotearoa, New Zealand. His research interest is the relationship of religiosity and lifestyle, in particular Muslims’ attitudes towards different aspects of veganism. After studying Middle Eastern Archaeology at the Freie Universität in Berlin, Duke switched to Social Anthropology for his postgraduate studies at Otago. In his dissertation “A path of Justice and Compassion – About Vegan Muslims and Islamic Veganism” he explored the intersection of Islam and veganism, with a focus on online advocacy. This laid the groundwork for his current PhD project, in which Duke investigates the roles of different aspects of Muslims’ religiosity (beliefs, practices, affiliation, etc.) and social environments (families, support, social pressure) in their decisions to adopt and practice a vegan lifestyle. His research is motivated by the aim to learn more about potential factors that may lead Muslims to adopt a vegan lifestyle and thus creating information that can be utilized in vegan advocacy work in Muslim contexts.

  • Gopal D. Patel has been a faith-based environmental activist, campaigner and consultant for over 10 years, working in India, East Africa, Europe and North America. A recognized global leader in the religious environmental movement, he works regularly with religious and spiritual communities in addressing our current environmental crises. Gopal has been honored for his work by Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace, spoken at the White House, and is regularly invited to speak at the UN. He is Co-Founder and Director of Bhumi Global, a non-profit organization that works to educate and mobilize Hindu communities globally for environmental action, and currently serves as an Advisor on Religion and Sustainable Development to the United Nations. Born and raised in the England, he currently lives with his wife in the New York City Metro Area. 

  • Vegan Evan is a 9-year old activist, and he and his mom, Vegan Shannon (Shannon Blair), are on a mission of compassion, activism and outreach. They are focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place for all animals— both human and non-human.  They engage in leafleting, marches, vigils and many other forms of activism. They also visit sanctuaries and make videos & livestream so that people can meet the individuals living there; this way they can see them for who they really are, and realize that animals commonly called  "food" are the same as our companion animals at home. Evan also make videos, raps, and speaks all over the United States about animal rights and living a vegan lifestyle.  Evan is President of Animal Hero Kids, an all-volunteer, non-profit that reaches millions each year with a message of being compassionate to all. His Website is Shannon is one of the founders of the Animal Activism Mentorship Program, the #DoneWithDairy Campaign, and #SignsForChange. She is also the Director of Parenting & Activism for