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Our Spiritual Guest for the Compassion Consortium  April 21 service will be Barbara Gardner, founder and the Chief Executive of the Animal Interfaith Alliance 

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Our Spiritual Guest for the Compassion Consortium on April 21 will be Barbara Gardner, founder and the Chief Executive of the Animal Interfaith Alliance (AIA) -- the premiere world-wide animal rights organization. 

Barbara has been the treasurer and a trustee of the RSPCA and was awarded their Queen Victoria Silver Medal for long and meritorious service for animal welfare.  She has been the editor of Catholic Concern for Animals’ magazine, The Ark and she edited AIA’s magazine Animal Spirit.  Barbara is the author of The Compassionate Animal: An Interfaith Guide to the Extended Circle of Compassion

Learn more about Barbara.

Our April Compassion in Action guest  will be Lauren Uram, campaign coordinator for Pro-Animal Future (PAF)

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On April 21 our Compassion in Action guest will be Lauren Uram, campaign coordinator for Pro-Animal Future (PAF). 

Lauren is the campaign coordinator for Pro-Animal Future, a grassroots community working on a society-level evolution away from animal exploitation. PAF is working on two initiatives that will appear on Denver’s November 2024 ballot--one is to ban the sale of new fur products, and another to ban the operation of slaughterhouses in the city. Lauren studied Ecology at CU Boulder and is passionate about helping create a world where nature, humans, and other animals are all accepted and respected.

Learn more about Lauren and the PAF.  

Upcoming Special Event
April Arts Evening

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Music and Memories Night

The talented husband and wife team of singer/songwriter Bill Van Noter and noted journalist Elissa Free will be featured in the Compassion Consortium's Music and Memories Night on Wednesday, April 24th, 7:30 pm Eastern.  Join us for an evening of Bill's music and Elissa's memories of growing up in the burgeoning animal welfare movement with one of its pioneers, Ann Cottrell Free. 


While Bill led an illustrious career as an attorney and judge, Elissa was building her own reputation as a journalist with 21 years at CNN. Her mother, too, was a groundbreaking journalist––the first woman in the Washington Bureau of Newsweek, the Chicago Sun, and the New York Herald Tribune. In the late 1950s, Ann wrote stories that mobilzed the public for the successful passage of the Humane Slaughter and Animal Welfare Acts. She was a friend of Rachel Carson's and an early environmentalist, and her admiration of Dr. Albert Schweitzer led to her book, Animals, Nature & Albert Schweitzer.


In this lively and fascinating evening, we'll hear amazing stories of Ann Cottrell Free's work for animals in those early days, and what Elissa and Bill have been doing since. We'll intersperse throughout the event select songs from Bill's playlist, such as "We Shall Not Stop," "The Hunted," and "Slaughterhouse Way."

April Engaged Members Practice

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Our next Compassion Consortium Engaged Member Practice will be held on April 9 at 7:30 pm. Rev Sarah will lead “Flora Divina: An interspecies practice for sustaining Spring in yourself and your habitat.

Engaged Member Practice circles are exclusive to Engaged Members only.  

Learn more about becoming an Engaged Member here.

The Compassion Consortium, in conjunction with Vegan Meditation, is offering a weekly online peaceful half-hour of vegan-oriented meditation and mindful sharing.

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The Compassion Consortium, in conjunction with Vegan Meditation, is offering a weekly online peaceful half-hour of vegan-oriented meditation and mindful sharing.

We’ll meditate together in silence for 15 minutes, then share brief thoughts on a topic related to compassion, mindfulness or veganism. Our aim through this practice is to cultivate greater internal peace and presence, and to bring greater mindfulness and compassion to our interactions with the external world and all its inhabitants. David Simon, the Chair of the Compassion Consortium Advisory Board, will host each week.

We meet Monday evenings at 6pm Pacific / 7pm MT / 8pm CT / 9pm ET. The first Vegan Meditation will commence March 25.

Visit the Compassion Consortium Shop!

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You asked for it!

 Check out our selection of Compassion Consortium swag, including t-shirts, water bottles, stickers for your laptop, and even a bandana for your canine friends. All profits support our programming.

Check out the Main Street Vegan Podcast for more information on compassionate living.

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We're happy to share that the Main Street Vegan Podcast with our own Victoria Moran is back by popular demand, featuring in-depth interviews with vegan luminaries and other folks who have information we wouldn't hear elsewhere. Listen wherever you get your podcasts. 

In addition, Victoria has launched a new livestream, The Main Street Vegan Salon, on UnchainedTV. This is a celebrity talk show recorded live in a studio in Manhattan's Theater District. You can find UnchainedTV, Jane Velez-Mitchell's animal rights streaming network, online, or get the free app for access to news, talk shows, movies, reality shows and more, all with a focus on animal rights and compassionate living. 


Our featured film recommendation:

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The Compassion Consortium is a non-sectarian center. We offer well-being resources, spiritual guidance, support, and community fellowship to Vegans, Vegetarians, animal rights activists, animal lovers, and all humans who care about and advocate for animals and the planet.


We recognize that many people do not see their deeply rooted compassion for all creatures reflected in houses of worship or spiritual centers; some people have even left faith traditions after seeing animals excluded from the level of mercy they deserve; in many cases, they're even denied the possession of a soul.

The Compassion Consortium is here to supplement this "missing piece" for persons who are part of another religious or spiritual community and those who are not affiliated ("nones") or identify as secular. 

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