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Upcoming Monthly Sunday Services will be held on the third Sunday of each month, on the following dates 2/18, 3/17, 4/21...

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At our next Sunday Service on February 18, we'll be joined by Vonettia Calloway  as our special spiritual guest and our Compassion in Action segment will feature the Compassion Consortium's Animal Chaplaincy Training.
About Vonettia Calloway:
Vonettia Calloway.png

Vonettia is the found of the Black Vegan Experience (BVE). The vision of the BVE is to educate people of color on the importance of plant-based living and to become the bridge for otherwise disconnected communities to connect and ensure diversity. By organizing multi-city events and by messaging across the US, one state at a time, the BVE seeks to remove the social stereotypes surrounding Black culture and Veganism and have a blast along the way. The Black Vegan Experience team reach out to adults, children, military personnel (Vonettia's spouse is a retired combat veteran), non-Vegans, youth, LGBTQ, and other marginalized groups.

Read more about Vonettia and BVE

About the Animal Chaplaincy Training Program
Animal Chaplain graphic.jpg

Our Compassion in Action segment on February 18 will feature a presentation for the Animal Chaplaincy Training Program.

For our Compassion in Action segment, we will introduce our newest Animal Chaplaincy Training cohort for this year, share about their journey, and celebrate how they are embodying compassion in action. 


For those of you who are new to the Compassion Consortium, the "ACT" program in an online-based professional training program that combines chaplaincy fundamentals and bereavement basics with best practices from the innovative fields of inter-spirituality, humane education, animal theology, nature spirituality, and human-animal studies. 

Learn more about the Animal Chaplaincy Training program.

February 13 Engaged Member Practice
"Healing the Grief That Breaks Your Heart"

February 13  Engaged Member Practice
7:30 pm Eastern Time


For our Engaged Member Practice on February 13 at 7:30 pm Eastern time, Animal Chaplain Alaina Sigler will be offering a practice called “Healing the Grief That Breaks Your Heart.”

For more information about becoming an Engaged Member, visit our Membership page. 

Announcing the Compassion Consortium Shop!

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You asked for it!

 Check out our selection of Compassion Consortium swag, including t-shirts, water bottles, stickers for your laptop, and even a bandana for your canine friends. All profits support our programming.

The Main Street Vegan Podcast is Back!

MSV podcast.png

We're happy to share that the Main Street Vegan Podcast with our own Victoria Moran is back by popular demand, featuring in-depth interviews with vegan luminaries and other folks who have information we wouldn't hear elsewhere. Listen wherever you get your podcasts. 

In addition, Victoria has launched a new livestream, The Main Street Vegan Salon, on UnchainedTV. This is a celebrity talk show recorded live in a studio in Manhattan's Theater District. You can find UnchainedTV, Jane Velez-Mitchell's animal rights streaming network, online, or get the free app for access to news, talk shows, movies, reality shows and more, all with a focus on animal rights and compassionate living. 


Our featured film recommendation:

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The Compassion Consortium is a non-sectarian center. We offer well-being resources, spiritual guidance, support, and community fellowship to Vegans, Vegetarians, animal rights activists, animal lovers, and all humans who care about and advocate for animals and the planet.


We recognize that many people do not see their deeply rooted compassion for all creatures reflected in houses of worship or spiritual centers; some people have even left faith traditions after seeing animals excluded from the level of mercy they deserve; in many cases, they're even denied the possession of a soul.

The Compassion Consortium is here to supplement this "missing piece" for persons who are part of another religious or spiritual community and those who are not affiliated ("nones") or identify as secular. 

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"May all beings everywhere be happy and free. May the thoughts, words and actions of our day contribute to that happiness and freedom for all."


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