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Below are a couple of interviews with Supreme Master TV that you can watch if you have time. To be honest, when Supreme Master TV contacted me, I was not very familiar with Supreme Master -- Victoria has done several interviews with Supreme Master TV, but I didn't really know much about her. And I was curious why Supreme Master Ching Hai would refer to herself as "Supreme Master". This seemed somewhat unusual to me at first.

But on the other hand, there are those among you who think it to be somewhat unusual for me to wear a robe that I purchased on for $24.99 and refer to myself as the Mad Vegan Prophet.

So, let's just agree that we all have different paths. And perhaps someday there can be a new podcast titled "Supreme Master and the Mad Vegan Prophet Podcast".

As I learned more about Supreme Master, I realized that she is a true spiritual leader, and that she does a tremendous amount of good globally for animals and Veganism. Not only does she have her worldwide Supreme Master TV, and 2 million Vegan followers, but also 200+ vegan Loving Hut restaurants around the world (I have had the pleasure of dining at the NYC and Bangkok locations)

So, I was very honored and proud and to do these interviews for Supreme Master TV.

(Full disclosure - I have not viewed these because I never watch myself on video, but Rev. Sarah and Victoria assure me that I did not embarrass myself or the Compassion Consortium).

These are 30 minutes each, so you may not have time to watch them, but here they are in case you time and interest:

This is part 1,
Here is pt. 2,
If you would like to learn more about Supreme Master, go to
Rev. William

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