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In a major scientific advance, a pig kidney is successfully transplanted into a human

So, what do you think about this?

If you read this article, you will notice that the “pig” in this article is never mentioned, as being totally unimportant.

The article provides many details about the “medical advancements” regarding animal-human transplants”

“Scientist researchers” in their quest for scientistic resolutions, are excited and generally have no concern for ethical issues. It is always about the scientific advancement.

Yet, in the real world, this is an increasing issue in the animal rights world., Due to the medical/science advancements, suddenly humans can utilize animals (mostly pigs) to cure and/or replace animal body parts. So, this world is coming to us.

Several blog issues ago, I had a serious foot surgery, and I was recommended a cod-skin treatment to use cod skin to treat my wound – I refused this and instead selected a more difficult and lengthy healing treatment.

However, this issue is more serious than my foot issue.

We are talking about humans who might die if they can survive or be cured through the killing of another living being.

Personally, I oppose all animal experiments and vivisection, etc. I believe with the PETA policies on this issue.

Yet I am not a vegan fanatic. I understand that this is a very difficult issue.

If you are forced with the issue of your own life vs. the life of another living person, what will you do?

Is there an ethical issue to you?

For you, from an ethical standpoint, is there is a difference between humans slaughtering a small, relatively few number of pigs for medical reasons to save a human life, vs. the 4 million pigs slaughtered for pigs worldwide annually- just because humans believe that “pigs taste good”. Does it make it ok from our ethics simply because “medical” pigs have been slaughtered to “save” the life of a human?

What is the difference in your ethical viewpoint?

I do not know the answer. It is just something I suggest we should think about, as medical science becomes more important regarding this issue.


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