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This article includes disturbing images. You may not want to read it.

Fisherman in Alaska reels in catch that's bright blue on the inside: 'Pretty crazy' (

An Alaskan fisherman documented a vibrant, orange-speckled catch, Rock Greenling, that has natural blue flesh, and he shared what the fish looks like after he killed it when cooked.

The fisherman proudly displayed his trophy. "The flesh is blue. It turns white when you cook it. Mother nature is incredible!" He showed how the fully-skinned blue fish fillets changed color when pan-fried in oil.

A lot of people on Facebook were “admiring” the (now dead) Rock Greenling, leaving their thoughts in the comments below:

“Wow! That’s incredible looking.”

“Beautiful! God has a sense of humor.”

“What an incredible, beautiful looking fish!”

“That’s amazing! Had no idea such a fish existed!”

“I hope a mount is made of this fish.”

"That's pretty crazy. I've never seen anything like that."

"That’s amazing!! Had no idea such a fish existed."

Which all confirms that the human species STILL has the singular ability to be both cruel and disgusting at the same time.

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Yes, indeed. Why did the chicken cross the road?

This question has vexed, confused and been debated by scholars and philosophers since Pythagoras first postulated and calculated his fundamental Pythagorean theorem regarding the possible angles of a chicken crossing the road.

More recently, the question first appeared in an 1847 edition of The Knickerbocker, a New York City monthly magazine: why indeed did that chicken cross the road? Yet, there seemed to be no answer to this question.

Yet, today the animal rights world offers some answers, as described in the following articles:

· Highways are dangerous barriers for all sorts of wildlife. Around the world, bridges and tunnels just for animals make it easier for them to migrate, mate, eat, and survive.

Yes, Animals Really Use Tunnels and Bridges to Cross Roads - Bloomberg

· It's hard to say how many animals are killed by vehicles around the world every year, but it's estimated that up to one million are killed every day on the roads of the US alone.

50 Amazing Animal Bridges and Crossings That Save 1000s Of Animals Every Year | Bored Panda

· Because the bridges are so effective, the United States and Canada have upped the construction of these crossings in the last 30 years


25 Animal Bridges That Are Saving Wildlife Across The World (

· $350 million of Biden’s infrastructure package isn’t for people. It’s for wildlife that needs help crossing the road.

Biden’s $350 million plan for animal crossings in the infrastructure bill - Vox

Our own Rev. Sarah Bowen has been very much involved in these efforts to save animals from their innocent effort to simply “cross the road” safely. So, yes, there in fact is a reason why humans in fact build bridges so that our animal friends can cross the road.

Yet, alas, there is no recorded history whether the original chicken that attempted to cross the road in 1847 actually made it across the road. So, we will never know the answer to this question.

Rev. William

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Her miserable existence at the Miami Seaquarium—for interminable days, years, and decades—is finally over. Earlier this year, during a news conference held in Miami on March 30, the Miami Seaquarium announced plans to release the long-suffering Lolita (aka “Tokitae,” “Toki,” and “Sk’aliCh’elh-tenaut”) to a seaside sanctuary in Washington state. This announcement followed a massive campaign by PETA—which pursued several lawsuits on her behalf—and local residents and celebrities who raised awareness of her plight through dozens of protests as well as The Dolphin Company’s partnership with Friends of Toki. This plan, though it never came to fruition, had been made possible through the generosity of philanthropist Jim Irsay, owner and CEO of the Indianapolis Colts.

Lolita’s Suffering Is Over | PETA

Elaine will include a Memoriam of her story in our next Compassion Consortium Newsletter. Suzanne McCallister and Anne Piotrowski from the Post-Animal-Use World ( have worked with years together with Friends of Toki to save her life.

In hoping to include more positive information regarding animals who have had more positive outcomes and inspiring efforts to save them, please read this article:

“5 Times Animals Escaped Slaughter, and How to Support Those Who Saved Them: Very Few Animals Make It Out of the Food System Alive: We Take a Moment to Celebrate Some of those Who Have”

5 Times Animals Escaped Slaughter, And How to Support Those Who Saved Them (

Rev. William

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