All: I am really excited re: our September 25 spiritual service, which features Evanna Lynch as our special guest, and highlights and recognizes the efforts of our members to follow and promote the mission of the Compassion Consortium:

Debbie Bradley: Tenets of Agreement reader

Debbie Philp: Interspecies Spiritual Practice

Sally Zito: Song of Compassion (Sally cannot attend in person because she has a music performance that day, but we will be playing one of her music videos as our Song of Compassion)

Jacob Bleu, David Simon and Rev. Nathan DeMay: Compassion in Action, introducing themselves and what they do, and why they joined the CC

I am certain this will be a very meaningful spiritual service.

Also, we are announcing some perks for new members that we also want to make available to all of our existing members:

For all members: A free DVD or download of the film A Prayer for Compassion that was produced by Victoria and Thomas Jackson.

For Engaged Members: a free signed copy of either Rev. Sarah's book Sacred Sendoffs or Victoria's book Main Street Vegan.

Also, FYI, going forward our Engaged Member monthly practices will include the Seasonal Wellness Practice from Ayurveda - fall (October), winter (January), spring (spring) and summer (July), presented by Victoria.

If you would like to receive any of the above, please let us know via, and if there is a need to ship anything, please provide your mailing address, and if you would like one of the signed books, please let us know how you would like it to be signed.

We hope you can join us on Sunday.

Rev. William

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I told you previously that I did an interview with Supreme Master TV.

But I don't think that I mentioned the screenplay that Victoria and I wrote -- Miss Liberty. This is a screenplay about a cow that escapes from a slaughterhouse. During the interview, I was asked about this screenplay, so I described it and informed the interviewer that we did not have funding for this film. Well, Supreme Master watched the interview and became interested in Miss Liberty, and she donated a very substantial amount of money to assist in the development of the film. We will use this to create a teaser for the film and to jumpstart our funding. Supreme Master requested a video describing the film for posting on Supreme Master TV. see below:

Miss Liberty Description -

For those of you who are real movie nerds, following is a 1-page synopsis that describes what the film is about.

And, finally, for those of you who have $1 Million in pocket change to contribute to producing Miss Liberty, and who would like to be an executive director of the greatest animal rights feature film ever made, just let us know and we will let you know where to mail the check.

Rev. WIlliam

MISS LIBERTY Synopsis 20220811
Download PDF • 75KB

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On a bi-monthly basis the CC posts new Reflections, which consist of observations and reflections from animal rights and vegan scholars and activists that relate to the mission of the CC. We have just now posted our reflections for September. One of these is posted below (I apologize that this particular Reflection is from me, but as you might expect I really like my own writing):

I am often accused of caring for non-human animals as much as I care for humans, and of believing that non-human animals are equal to humans in terms of their spirituality and souls. Well, let’s do a brief review of the sordid history of the human species for the last several hundred years. Non-human animals have never attempted to eliminate an entire group of other humans, as was done during the Holocaust. Non-human animals have never committed the largest genocide in history, as was done by Europeans against the indigenous peoples of the Americas. Non-human animals have never held an entire race of humans in the bondage of slavery as was done to the Africans captured and transported to the United States. Non-human animals have never stormed an elementary school armed with a military-style rifle and massacred innocent young children. So, let me ask you: Are non-human animals at least equal to humans … or is it possible that non-human animals are in fact infinitely superior to humans in all respects, except intellectual ability?

By Rev. William

If you are interested in reading the other 11 Reflections for September, please visit Reflections | Compassion Consortium

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