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Created by Victoria Moran and

Rev. William Melton

An Introduction by Ingrid Newkirk, Founder and President of PETA: 

Miss Liberty, a feature film created by Rev. William Melton and written by Rev. William and Victoria Moran, is currently in development. It's the engaging story of how the escape from a slaughterhouse of one used-up dairy cow changes lives and affects a community. It's pure, engaging entertainment for families. The time has come for a you-get-the popcorn kind of movie focused on a single dairy cow, mooing for other 270 million of them––and for a film that draws attention to other problems in the meat industry, such as worker treatment and safety. This is a movie that won’t alienate omnivores, but rather awaken every viewer to a wrong they just might want to see set right.

We’d love to have you on our team, in our family. For more information visit our website Miss Liberty the Movie, regarding the current development status of the film, steps for moving forward, and how you can help. The Compassion Consortium is the 501c3 nonprofit partner of Miss Liberty, meaning that your donations to the development of the film are fully tax-deductible. In addition, thanks to a welcome foundation grant, all donations are matched, dollar for dollar, up to $100,000.


If you're in the New York City area and would like to be invited to a FUNdraising party to take place in a glorious gallery space in Chelsea, please email letting us know and we'll send you a formal invitation via Paperless Post.


·      5:30 to 7:30 pm Wed. June 12

·      Delectables from Peacefood Cafe & Rebel Cheese

·      Libations from Whitecliff (vegan) Vineyard

·      The live comedy stylings of Myq Kaplan

·      Video messaging to celebrate Miss Liberty from Ingrid Newkirk, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Gene Baur, and one of the actors to be announced at the event and attached in ernest when we've raised the development funds of $200,000. (A hint about him: he started as a child actor, has made 56 movies to date, and is vegan. Other actors onboard include a Golden Globe, Drama Desk, and Helen Hayes Award winner, a sports legend, and an Academy Award nominee.)


In addition, there will be a glittery silent auction. Items include:


·      A weekend at Farm Sanctuary with accommodation in one of their charming tiny houses and full access to all the pig petting and cow conversing you can handle

·      Private cooking class with Chef Fran Costigan, author of Vegan Chocolate 

·      Original art from Layla Love, Lisa Goldstein, and Madeleine Tuttle

·      Full tuition to the Main Street Vegan Academy fall 2024 course

·      Dream vacation at the legendary Stanford Inn -- all vegan resort and spa -- in Mendocino, California

·      An elegant dinner at NYC's only classically French vegan restaurant, Delice & Sarrasin

·      A haber-dashing bag from Brave Gentleman––and so much more.


So, please visit and, if you'll be in New York June 12th, write to to be invited. 

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For our CC members, we are featuring a preview of the following song for our May 19 Song of Compassion.

This song was introduced to me by Jackie Thomas, who is one of our regular Compassionists.

The song is by Chris Stapleton and Mirand Lambert.

Maggie’s Song:

So, please enjoy …. and while listening remember a companion whom you have loved and miss.

You have my permission to cry.


Rev. William


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In a major scientific advance, a pig kidney is successfully transplanted into a human

So, what do you think about this?

If you read this article, you will notice that the “pig” in this article is never mentioned, as being totally unimportant.

The article provides many details about the “medical advancements” regarding animal-human transplants”

“Scientist researchers” in their quest for scientistic resolutions, are excited and generally have no concern for ethical issues. It is always about the scientific advancement.

Yet, in the real world, this is an increasing issue in the animal rights world., Due to the medical/science advancements, suddenly humans can utilize animals (mostly pigs) to cure and/or replace animal body parts. So, this world is coming to us.

Several blog issues ago, I had a serious foot surgery, and I was recommended a cod-skin treatment to use cod skin to treat my wound – I refused this and instead selected a more difficult and lengthy healing treatment.

However, this issue is more serious than my foot issue.

We are talking about humans who might die if they can survive or be cured through the killing of another living being.

Personally, I oppose all animal experiments and vivisection, etc. I believe with the PETA policies on this issue.

Yet I am not a vegan fanatic. I understand that this is a very difficult issue.

If you are forced with the issue of your own life vs. the life of another living person, what will you do?

Is there an ethical issue to you?

For you, from an ethical standpoint, is there is a difference between humans slaughtering a small, relatively few number of pigs for medical reasons to save a human life, vs. the 4 million pigs slaughtered for pigs worldwide annually- just because humans believe that “pigs taste good”. Does it make it ok from our ethics simply because “medical” pigs have been slaughtered to “save” the life of a human?

What is the difference in your ethical viewpoint?

I do not know the answer. It is just something I suggest we should think about, as medical science becomes more important regarding this issue.


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