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A Historic Move: Moulin Rouge Ends Live Animal Performances After 134 Years (

The iconic Cabaret Moulin Rouge venue is putting an end to a tradition of using live pythons that has spanned 134 years. Indian pythons previously have “performed” in submerged water while dancers swim around them in a tank.

The Paris mayoral office has ended this result with immediate effect, in its “aware of societal developments on animal welfare.”

In a statement of PETA France: “The use and abuse of animals in the name of entertainment is no longer acceptable to compassionate viewers.” Paris Animaux Zoopolis refers to this decision as “an historic against animal captivity.”

This is such an important action in our animal rights world. This has been going on for 134 years, and for so long no one really cared about a few reptiles swimming with erotic swimmers. However, it is no longer accepted as trivial nor a small matter. Now, someone cares for these reptiles. The life of every single non-human animal deserves to be treated with compassion and non-cruelty.

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My PAUW Featured Visionary

This featured visionary is presented by the PAUW Project sharing Rev. William Melton’s visions for Veganism and animal rights advocacy, and the post-animal-use-world expressed as his four separate visions.

See the Post-Animal-Use-World (PAUW) Project.

Following also is a “VeganLinked” YouTube interview with Rev. William that is included:

The Compassion Consortium Mission - YouTube

This includes Rev. William’s Ethical Vision, his Practical Vision, his Vision of Cooperation, and the Compassion Consortium Founding Principles

You can share Rev. William’s full Featured Visionary at -- Rev. William Melton's Vision (

BTW: Regarding the image that is attached to his Vision Statement: This is Prince Rupert, Thunder the Wunder Pigeon, and me. Rupert was rescued from a hoarding situation in which he lived with 75 dogs for the first eight years of his life. Thunder is blind in one eye and cannot fly. He was rescued as a squab. We adopted him from the Wild Bird Fund in Manhattan ( and he has been part of our family for the last five years.

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Last Sunday, on April 2, I experienced a pretty bad stroke, and I was in the hospital until Friday evening. I am now at home, and I am expected to fully recover.

Unfortunately, I now have Aphasia which is an inability to comprehend or formulate language because of damage to a specific region of the brain. To be diagnosed with Aphasia, a person's speech or language might be significantly impaired in the certain aspects of communication following the acquired brain injury.

You might think as my difficulty as being jumbled words, and difficulties with Aphasia can range from occasional trouble finding words, and the difficulty to speak.

However, intelligence is totally unaffected (well, to the extent I have no more nor less intelligence than I have ever had).

So, obviously I will need speech therapy, and as a certain extent I will need to “re-learn” how to re-speaking.

The most important I am boring with you my diagnose is to clarify that I will am expected to recover, hopefully within about 6-8 weeks. And in the interim, I will be participating in our Compassion Consortium activities as much as possible. And obviously the Compassion Consortium will not miss a beat, and our Spiritual Team will continue to lead us all together in my interim period as always.


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