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Apologies if you already received this - it was sent to our newsletter subscribers, but I don't know if the CC members automatically receive these. Anyway, I am very proud that both Rev. Sarah and Victoria are included in this important opportunity to address the Vegan Women Summit:

We're proud to announce that both Rev. Sarah Bowen and Victoria Moran have been selected as speaker finalists for the Vegan Women Summit, happening May 18-20 in New York City.

The Summit leaders choose the finalists but votes from the public decide who will actually be on the program. It would be wonderful to have the Compassion Consortium represented--twice! Here are the links to vote for two of our founders: Sarah:

Victoria: It's a very quick process--just click each link, put in your email, and hit a submit button. Voting closes at 11:59 PM, Pacific Standard Time on January 22.

Thanks so very much for your support on this.

Rev. William

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Bull Riding has returned to Madison Square Garden after a COVID hiatus.

New York native Daylon Swearingen breaking bull riding mold (

The rodeo industry claims that rodeo animals are the “best cared for and loved” animals in the world, and that they are “animal athletes” who love the competition.

I am skeptical. I believe it is more likely that they did not volunteer for this and are terrified and abused.

See following article.

What are the animal welfare issues associated with bull riding? – RSPCA Knowledgebase

I think the same applies to other classic rodeo events: saddle bronc, bareback riding, steer wrestling, tie down roping, team roping, barrel racing, break away roping, and of course, the hilarious “greased pig” contest.

In 2017, NYC banned the display of “wild or exotic” animals for public entertainment or amusement. This, together with similar legislation in other cities and states, led the major circuses to reinvent themselves without these animals. Of course, rodeos could not exist without using animals, and the rodeo seems to be part of our beloved "old west" heritage.

Breaking News: New York City Bans Wild Animals in Circuses and Shows | by Carole Raphaelle Davis | Medium

This was good legislation. Unfortunately, as is usually the case with animal welfare legislation, so-called “farmed animals” were not included within this ban. I guess they do not count.

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