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Hi: some news I need to share with you.

Last Sunday, on April 2, I experienced a pretty bad stroke, and I was in the hospital until Friday evening. I am now at home, and I am expected to fully recover.

Unfortunately, I now have Aphasia which is an inability to comprehend or formulate language because of damage to a specific region of the brain. To be diagnosed with Aphasia, a person's speech or language might be significantly impaired in the certain aspects of communication following the acquired brain injury.

You might think as my difficulty as being jumbled words, and difficulties with Aphasia can range from occasional trouble finding words, and the difficulty to speak.

However, intelligence is totally unaffected (well, to the extent I have no more nor less intelligence than I have ever had).

So, obviously I will need speech therapy, and as a certain extent I will need to “re-learn” how to re-speaking.

The most important I am boring with you my diagnose is to clarify that I will am expected to recover, hopefully within about 6-8 weeks. And in the interim, I will be participating in our Compassion Consortium activities as much as possible. And obviously the Compassion Consortium will not miss a beat, and our Spiritual Team will continue to lead us all together in my interim period as always.


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