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FOXES AND SNARES: There is No End to the Cruelty of the Elite

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What are snares? The Wild Animals being Killed by the Elite

Snares are found in private estates across the UK, but what are they? And are they really legal?


And then this:

The UK Labour Party Plans a Full Ban on Fox Hunting

Fox hunting loopholes to be closed the Labour government.

I lived in the UK for 6 years. I love the Brits. In my view the Brits are way ahead of their level of compassion for other living beings, for example the U.S.

However, there is a particular segment of English elite society (I refer to them as the “Downtown Abbey” crowd), who have no regard to the cruelty and lack of compassion for the non-humans they torture, maim, and kill … purely for fun.

I would just ask that when you dress up in your silly outfits and sic a pack of dogs on an innocent animal … please don’t. Just think about what you are doing.

Rev. WIlliam

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