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How many Animals are killed for food every day?

I did not know. I have read about different statistics and have never been exactly clear about the numbers.

This article provides us the clearest picture of torture, slaughter and killing of animals on an annual basis for food on a global basis.

To be certain, humans kill an incomprehensible number of animals on a daily basis.

The number of animals farmed and killed for food around the world every day is vast. Industrialized farming, a growing human population, and increasing demand for animal products has pushed the number to keep rising.

The total number of land animals killed for food in a year around the world exceeds 78 billion! The number of fishes killed is uncertain, but enormous.

The vast majority of land animals – and virtually all farmed fishes – spend their short lives in factory farm conditions. Chickens and pigs tend to be kept in overcrowded barns. In many countries, breeding sows (female pigs) and layer hens are confined to tiny cages for much of their lives, until they are deemed no longer productive and sent to slaughter.

Please check out the animal statistics in this article, divided into species, most countries in which animals are killed, per capita slaughter and slaughter trends. It is very interesting, yet grim and heartbreaking.

It is very easy to just give up, because of the overwhelming nature of the task we face. However, we must understand the nature of compassion and empathy for animals that we have all signed onto, and we must persevere. I actually believe (and hope) that organizations like the Compassion Consortium, and others, are slowly and deliberately having an impact.

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I thought the same thing. Did anyone ask the pig if he was willing to sacrifice his life for our selfish and entitled species? Do I sound angry and bitter?

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