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Calling All Compassionists

Victoria recently observed that Buddhists call themselves Buddhists, Baptists are Baptists, Muslims are Muslims, and so forth. Yet we didn't have a name to call ourselves. So, we announced at our last service that henceforth we will call ourselves Compassionists.

As a result, going forward you are all officially Compassionists.

A few updates:

We just posted our October Essay. This is a guest Essay written by Kenneth Odhiambo. Kenneth is a pastor and animal rights activist living in Kenya. He is a graduate of Victoria's Main Street Vegan Academy and is currently enrolled in the CC Animal Chaplaincy Training Program. I think you will find his Essay very interesting:

Many of you expressed an interest in our upcoming Film Night Discussion regarding Brother Sun, Sister Moon, an uplifting and visually stunning dramatization of the life of Saint Francis. On October 11 at 8:00 pm EDT, we will honor the Feast of St. Francis day (held on October 4), and present a special panel to discuss this film, St. Francis, animals, nature, the Pope who took Francis's name, and what it means to live in the legacy of this spiritual luminary. Panel members include Rev. Janet Warner Chapman, historian Elaine Hutchison, and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Rev. Father John Dear. See Upcoming Events & Replays | CompassionConsortium for more information and registration details.

Lastly, we invite you to join our next Spiritual Service on October 23 at 4:00 pm EDT, featuring an interview with Renee King-Sonnen, founder of the Rowdy Girl Sanctuary. She will discuss her journey from being the wife of a cattle rancher to her (and her husband's) new life as Vegans and owners of a farmed animal sanctuary on the site of the former cattle ranch. See Interfaith & Interspecies Sunday Services | Compassion Consortium | for more information and registration details.

We hope to see you all again soon.

Rev. William

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