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A Post-Animal-Use-World (PAUW): Rev. William’s Featured Visionary

My PAUW Featured Visionary

This featured visionary is presented by the PAUW Project sharing Rev. William Melton’s visions for Veganism and animal rights advocacy, and the post-animal-use-world expressed as his four separate visions.

See the Post-Animal-Use-World (PAUW) Project.

Following also is a “VeganLinked” YouTube interview with Rev. William that is included:

The Compassion Consortium Mission - YouTube

This includes Rev. William’s Ethical Vision, his Practical Vision, his Vision of Cooperation, and the Compassion Consortium Founding Principles

You can share Rev. William’s full Featured Visionary at -- Rev. William Melton's Vision (

BTW: Regarding the image that is attached to his Vision Statement: This is Prince Rupert, Thunder the Wunder Pigeon, and me. Rupert was rescued from a hoarding situation in which he lived with 75 dogs for the first eight years of his life. Thunder is blind in one eye and cannot fly. He was rescued as a squab. We adopted him from the Wild Bird Fund in Manhattan ( and he has been part of our family for the last five years.

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