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The Compassion Consortium now has 7 new members:

Chef Jodi

Carianne Stone

Nathan DeMay

Elizabeth Glynn

Julie Konik

Jack Harkins

Gretchen Otten

Welcome to all of you and thank you for becoming CC members. I am still learning how to use the CC Members platform, so this is kind of a test post. If any of you see it, let us know, and feel free to write a post on any subject of interest and start a dialogue.

Rev. William

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Debbie B.
Debbie B.
2022년 4월 02일

I wonder if there is someway to get notified in email if there is a new post?


Debbie B.
Debbie B.
2022년 4월 02일

ok, I just found this post by selecting notifications... Glad to be among you! I uploaded a photo (several times..but it always turned me sideways. LOL.)

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