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Introducing Sir Rupert

I would like to introduce Sir Rupert to you:

Sir Rupert came to us from a "hoarding situation" where he had to share a single home with 70 other dogs. We assumed that a dog living with 70 other dogs probably did not have a discernible name that he recognized, so we named him Rupert. I added the "Sir" because it seems to make him a bit more regal.

Since arriving with us, Sir Rupert has pretty much spent his time being somewhat fearful, particularly of other dogs. Judging from the fact that he does not want to be more than about 1 foot away from us, we think he is most fearful of being neglected and cast out again.

But he is gradually getting more comfortable with us and his situation. Last night as we were watching George and Tammy on Showtime (which BTW, starring Michael Shannon as George Jones and Jessica Chastain as Tammy Wynette, is excellent), Sir Rupert looked up at me and asked:

So, "are you saying that this whole place is mine and I don't have to share it with 70 other dogs?"

I responded: "Yes, my son, all that lies before you is yours, and yours alone ... well ... except for Thunder the Wunder rescue pigeon, whom you already know about."

Fortunately, Sir Rupert and Thunder get along just fine (which means that they totally ignore each other, which is probably the best we can hope for).

Rev. William

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