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Introducing “Miss Liberty … A Taste of Freedom”

Victoria Moran and Rev. William Melton are pleased to introduce you to our feature film in development Miss Liberty … A Taste of Freedom, in conjunction with our nonprofit partner the Compassion Consortium. See the Website below for details re: development, story, audience, characters, people behind the project, and what needs to happen now:

Setting the Scene:

A dairy cow escapes from a slaughterhouse in a Midwestern town and takes refuge in the yard of Bob Sanders, a computer tech owed money by the plant. He seizes the cow as collateral and calls his lawyer, Mike Johnson. Because the abattoir has a history of sketchy practices, Mike contacts Patricia Levinson, (aka Cow Patty), his law school classmate who is now a well-known animal rights lawyer in New York, to lead Bob’s defense. Jason Levinson, Patricia’s ex-husband, also an attorney, shows up to represent “the Association” and undermine the case. Patty is dealing both with facing her ex in court and with pressure from the firm where she works. Bob must contend not only with having a cow on his patio, but with his recent divorce and split custody of the two children who become great friends of the bovine refugee.

The Audience:

Miss Liberty is entertainment for families. It’s not a juvenile movie: there are no talking animals and the plot is sufficiently sophisticated to mesmerize adults. It could be––and will be––a date movie, too, but we see the core audience as parents and kids, i.e., the divorced dad who has his children for the weekend and thinks, “We can go to McDonald’s and then to see this movie with a cow in it.” This is not someone who would look for a vegan or animal rights flick, but they’ll see this one.

As you might expect, we are excited to share with you this new film project as it develops … and are we are equally excited about the prospects about Miss Liberty for spreading our message of compassion for all living beings.

We will be holding a fundraising event in March, and if desired you may donate to this film project via the Website.

Rev. William

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