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Heads Up re: September 25 Service and New Membership Perks

All: I am really excited re: our September 25 spiritual service, which features Evanna Lynch as our special guest, and highlights and recognizes the efforts of our members to follow and promote the mission of the Compassion Consortium:

Debbie Bradley: Tenets of Agreement reader

Debbie Philp: Interspecies Spiritual Practice

Sally Zito: Song of Compassion (Sally cannot attend in person because she has a music performance that day, but we will be playing one of her music videos as our Song of Compassion)

Jacob Bleu, David Simon and Rev. Nathan DeMay: Compassion in Action, introducing themselves and what they do, and why they joined the CC

I am certain this will be a very meaningful spiritual service.

Also, we are announcing some perks for new members that we also want to make available to all of our existing members:

For all members: A free DVD or download of the film A Prayer for Compassion that was produced by Victoria and Thomas Jackson.

For Engaged Members: a free signed copy of either Rev. Sarah's book Sacred Sendoffs or Victoria's book Main Street Vegan.

Also, FYI, going forward our Engaged Member monthly practices will include the Seasonal Wellness Practice from Ayurveda - fall (October), winter (January), spring (spring) and summer (July), presented by Victoria.

If you would like to receive any of the above, please let us know via, and if there is a need to ship anything, please provide your mailing address, and if you would like one of the signed books, please let us know how you would like it to be signed.

We hope you can join us on Sunday.

Rev. William

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