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Egregious Act of Cruelty in NYC

If you get a chance, please read the article below regarding a carriage horse in NYC

NYCLASS ( has been trying for years to replace (and fund) this cruel practice with vintage cars.

But the political answer has always been the same:

"These horses love what they do, they are well treated and bonded with their human masters, and they wake up every morning joyfully anticipating hauling tourists around Central Park in sweltering heat and frigid cold".


Please give me a f-----g break.

Anyway, I apologize that I am ranting again. But maybe sometimes we need to rant?

So, as I said, if you read this article maybe you will do a little ranting also.

Rev. William

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Sally Zito
Sally Zito
11 de ago. de 2022

Ugh. This poor horse. This is upsetting to say the least. I wonder how we can follow his journey ... I wish he could be retired and live the rest of his life at a sanctuary.

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