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Can-Can't at the Moulin Rouge Bans Animal Performances

A Historic Move: Moulin Rouge Ends Live Animal Performances After 134 Years (

The iconic Cabaret Moulin Rouge venue is putting an end to a tradition of using live pythons that has spanned 134 years. Indian pythons previously have “performed” in submerged water while dancers swim around them in a tank.

The Paris mayoral office has ended this result with immediate effect, in its “aware of societal developments on animal welfare.”

In a statement of PETA France: “The use and abuse of animals in the name of entertainment is no longer acceptable to compassionate viewers.” Paris Animaux Zoopolis refers to this decision as “an historic against animal captivity.”

This is such an important action in our animal rights world. This has been going on for 134 years, and for so long no one really cared about a few reptiles swimming with erotic swimmers. However, it is no longer accepted as trivial nor a small matter. Now, someone cares for these reptiles. The life of every single non-human animal deserves to be treated with compassion and non-cruelty.

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I didn't know about this. Thanks, William, for sharing the news. Some people, at least, are getting a clue about how animals are not props in a show for entertainment.

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