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An Interesting Interview with Alicia Silverstone

Apologies that I posted yesterday about PETA's very first vegan Christmas advert, and now I am posting again. But the issue described below is very aggravating and frustrating to me, so I am sharing it with you:

Alicia Silverstone Was ‘Booed Off Stage’ At An Animal Rights Convention (

Personally, I believe:

  1. All of us in the non-human animal rights/vegan community have essentially the same goals.

  2. Within our community, we have different approaches to achieving these goals.

  3. Would it not be more productive if we can acknowledge these different approaches, and stop criticizing, castigating, and "booing" those who believe in a different approach than our own?

  4. Can we all just work together and achieve great things?

For me, it seems that this issue is becoming an increasing impediment to our progress in recent years.

Anyway, just saying ...

Rev. William

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