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"A Damn Good Brain": Pigeons Possess Problem-Solving Skills "Similar to AI"!

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Pigeons are smarter than you think.

A new study reveals that pigeons are highly intelligent problem-solvers. The way they make decisions is similar to the learning process of artificial intelligence (AI) models. See below:

Why is this important? It is because it confirms that our adopted pigeon Thunder the Wunder Pigeon is truly an intellectual AI savant. Thunder is blind in one eye and can’t fly, so he has been living with us for about 5 years. But now we have a totally respect for the level for Thunder’s intellect.

Note, and this is important: the researchers claim that the pigeons in the study were not harmed. Plant Based News does not condone the use of animals in research.

So, see Thunder and Rupert while we enjoy some light reading.

Rev. William

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Wonderful that pigeons and other animals are getting their due. Love the photo of you with Rupert and Thunder.

Me gusta
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