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mountains covered in greenery

Our Covenant

We, in our capacity as spiritual founders and principals of the Compassion Consortium, hereby dedicate ourselves, our time, and our consciousness to the spirit of compassion for all beings, and through it, to the community and fellowship of the Consortium.

It being our purpose that said Spirit of Compassion shall in return offer us an equivalence in peace of mind, health of body, love, wisdom, understanding, and an abundant supply of all other things as necessary to fulfill this Covenant and the mission of the Consortium.

And it being our intent to use all of these things in the furtherance of a spiritual life, compassion and justice on behalf of human and nonhuman animals alike, and for the protection and stewardship of our Earth.

In the presence of the Greater Power that guides and protects all of creation, we make this Covenant this 1st day of February, 2021.

William Melton

Reverend Sarah Bowen

Victoria Moran

Reverend Erika Allison


(Adapted from the Dedication and Covenant entered into by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore on December 7, 1892, as they inaugurated the Silent Unity prayer ministry that has grown into the worldwide Unity movement).

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